TikTok Star Nathan Apodaca (aka Doggface) Visits Vancouver Mobile Game

LEAF Mobile Inc
|    techcouver.com

Oct 15, 2020

Looking to take a moment to chill?

TikTok viral star Nathan Apodaca (aka Doggface) is making an appearance as a guest character in the mobile game Cheech and Chong Budfarm and you can join him.

Apodaca went viral last month with a video that mellowed out the world – a longboarding, cran-raspberry juice drinking, Fleetwood Mac lipsync that’s now at 35 million views and counting, getting the attention of Mick Fleetwood himself, as well as Joe Rogan and Jimmy Fallon, to name a few. Ocean Spray

Vancouver’s LEAF Mobile, the publishing company behind Cheech and Chong Budfarm, is donating $10,000 to charities of Nathan’s choice, Idaho Humane Society in the US and B.C Humane Society in Canada.

Fans of Doggface will find him in the game as part of an event titled “Battle of the Bands” where he will show up on the sidewalk complete with his skateboard and cranberry juice, getting the run around by Stadanko alongside his buddies Cheech & Chong. As the event continues, players can progress to collect his character as a bonus in the main game.

LEAF Mobile announced last week that they’re acquiring Vancouver’s East Side Games for $150 million via a reverse takeover.


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