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Mobile is Taking Over.

Mobile media has taken over during the last year. Gaming has become a means of escapism and time filling for many people confined to their homes, and national/regional lockdowns and travel bans across the globe have led to a significant increase in consumer engagement with mobile games1.

1. source: newzoo.com

This pattern can be seen on a worldwide scale as even more people are utilizing their phones and tablets to surf the internet, as opposed to traditional methods of desktop or laptop computers. Globally smartphone users will continue to grow, reaching 4.1 billion in 20231, representing a new pool of players and payers for years to come.

1. source: newzoo.com


Stats & Facts


Global Mobile Gaming Revenue (USD) in 2020, year-on-year growth of +13.3%


2.6+ billion mobile gamers in 2020



Mobile Gaming Market Share 2020

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