LEAF Subsidiary East Side Games Announces Partnership With Kano Applications inc

Feb 23, 2021


Vancouver, BC, February 23, 2021 – LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX: LEAF) (“LEAF” or the “Company“) announces its subsidiary company, East Side Games Inc. (“ESG”), has entered into a three-game partnership with Kano Applications Inc. (“Kano”) for the global release of three mobile games on iOS and Android (the “Partnership”).

Forged in 2019 when the companies first collaborated on FUBAR as an exploratory project testing narrative driven mobile idle games, the partnership extends the official relationship with a multi-year agreement between the two companies. All three games will be developed in-house by Kano and leverage ESG’s proven IdleKit technology. Kano will be targeting themes and genres not yet seen in the idle category with the first game expected to launch in Q2 2021 and others to follow shortly thereafter. Terms of the partnership are subject to confidentiality obligations.

IdleKit is ESG’s core software technology. This internally developed proprietary game framework for building narrative driven idle games allows for a material decrease in the typical build to launch timeline for mobile games developed on the platform. This platform is not only utilized by ESG, but is also open to third party developers on a partnership basis.

“I am extremely proud of the ESG team,” said Darcy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of LEAF. “This agreement builds on the already successful relationship with Kano and continues to expand the IdleKit technology platform across new game titles. We look forward to seeing the launch of these games and the continued momentum of ESG’s IdleKit technology platform.”


Kano has been a profitable, self-funded indie game studio for over a decade. Focused on building meaningful connections through lasting social games, Kano has reached over 30 million players with its portfolio of free-to-play games including Mob Wars, Viking Clan, Pirate Clan, Zombie Slayer, Free Rider and FUBAR: Just Give’r.

We are headquartered in Victoria, Canada with games available at www.kanoplay.com and on the App Store and Google Play. For further information, please visit: www.kanoapps.com and join our online communities on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX: LEAF) is a leading free-to-play mobile game group, creating engaging games that produce enduring player loyalty. Our studio groups entrepreneurial culture is anchored in creativity, execution, and growth through a diverse portfolio of original and licensed IP mobile games that include: Archer: Danger Phone, Bud Farm Idle Tycoon, Cheech & Chong Bud Farm, The Goldbergs: Back to the 80s, It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile and Trailer Park Boys Grea$y Money.

We are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and our games are available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. For further information, please visit: www.leafmobile.io and join our online communities at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additional information about LEAF Mobile Inc. is available at www.sedar.com

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LEAF - News Release (ESG_KANO to Partner On 3 Game Agreement) Feb 23 2021


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