Leaf Mobile: Kings of Green Mountain

LEAF Mobile Inc
|    gamesindustry.biz

Feb 10, 2021

In an industry defined by accessible tools and open storefronts, it’s inevitable that some companies escape the notice of the press. There are simply too many developers and too many games to know them all, which is why journalists gravitate towards success stories — those that have found and served a market well enough to make some noise.

All of which makes Leaf Mobile’s absence from the pages of GamesIndustry.biz difficult to understand. Founded in 2010, the Vancouver-based firm has built a thriving business with tens of millions in annual revenue, a team of more than 150 people, and even floated on the TSX Venture Exchange, all without a single article in our archive. Indeed, it took this week’s eye-catching CAD $159 million acquisition of East Side Games for our official record of Leaf Mobile to begin — the very point at which it became one of the largest free-to-play mobile publishers in Canada.


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