East Side Games’ Marchiano Loen on commitments to invest in Black developers, fight racism and hate speech online

East Side Games
|    pocketgamer.biz

Feb 26, 2021

Original article on pocketgamer.biz

For decades, no matter the industry, people of colour have suffered through a lack of opportunity and a lack of respect, leaving them stuck playing second fiddle throughout their careers.

The games industry is no different, and here at PocketGamer.biz we wanted to do our part and help bring attention to the many incredible people of colour that help make up this sector. That is why we are committing to a new long-term regular feature to spotlight these people and their careers.

So, welcome to our ‘POC in Mobile‘ series, where discussion about finding a place in the games industry, the various challenges faced as a minority, and what truly needs to be done to make games more diverse will be the focal points of conversations.

This week, we spoke to East Side Games lead game designer Marchiano Loen about the many common challenges still faced by POC as well as why it’s up to the people at the top to make the difference and why being a ‘maverick’ can help with change.

Read the full interview on pocketgamer.biz


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