LEAF Games Achieve Record Revenue In April

May 26, 2020

High Growth Driven by Record Daily Active Users and Player Engagement

Vancouver, BC, Canada, (May [26], 2020) – LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX.V: LEAF), a leading creator and publisher of counter culture mobile games, had record setting results for the month ending April 2020, including total game gross revenue, installs and daily active users (DAU) across its portfolio of counter culture mobile games.

LEAF Mobile April 2020 Highlights

  • Record monthly revenue for total Bud Farm franchise
  • Successful launch of “Cheech & Chong” Bud Farm in remote work environment
  • Legacy Games: Bud Farm 420 and Bud Farm Grass Roots return to growth.

Darcy Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are seeing very strong performance across our games portfolio resulting in significant revenue achievements which sets the pace to deliver in both topline revenue and positive EBITDA. With over $3M cash on hand, we are very well-funded to drive both user acquisition and organic growth in the fast-growing market segment of mobile gaming. Players want to engage in games that are highly relevant to their culture, where they can relate to the in-game experiences and build a community of like-minded players.  We intend to deliver gaming titles to this highly underserved community to strengthen our portfolio and drive long term revenue and profitability for the Company.”

Game Title Portfolio April 2020 Results

Growth Games:

Bud Farm Idle Tycoon achieved a monthly record of $2.5M in revenue and $0.23M in net operating income. Driven by live ops expertise and execution, coupled with increased investment in player acquisition

Cheech & Chong Bud Farm achieved $0.1M in April, post 4.20 launch. Supported by download ranking and highly favourable reviews

Legacy Games

Bud Farm 420 and Bud Farm Grass Roots had their strongest month in over a year with combined revenue of $0.4M. Driven exclusively by increased organic installs and daily active users.

The Company also announces that it has retained the services of New Era Publishing Inc. and separately of OGIB Corporate Bulletin Ltd, pursuant to which each has been paid to write reports and articles regarding the Company, for a combined fee of $390,000.00 The articles will be forthcoming in the months of May to November 2020 over the 6 month term of their respective agreements.  Additionally, the company has retained investor relations services of Kin Communications Inc and Mobcast Ltd. UK for a term of 12 months and 3 months respectively, commencing May 27th and May 11th, pursuant to which each will be paid a combined fee of $486,000, and will be granted 500,000 options with an exercise price of $0.40 The options shall vest over a twelve (12) month period, with twenty-five (25%) percent vesting per quarter, commencing on the three (3) month anniversary of issuance, and shall be exercisable until the earlier of five (5) years from the date of completion of the Transaction, and ninety (90) days from the date of termination of agreement, subject to TSXV policies.  Other than as disclosed, LEAF confirms that OGIB Corporate Bulletin Ltd and Kin Communications Inc hold common shares in the company. New Era Publishing Inc, and Mobcast Ltd. UK do not have any interest, directly or indirectly, in Leaf or its securities, or any right or intent to acquire such an interest.

About the Company

LEAF Mobile Inc. (TSX.V: LEAF) is a leading creator of counterculture mobile games. Headquartered in Vancouver, with a premier development studio, LDRLY based in Nanaimo, BC, the company is highly skilled in intellectual property, mobile game development, marketing and publishing. LEAF’s culture is anchored in creativity, data insights and execution, delivering highly engaging games that produce enduring player enjoyment. With over a decade of experience in game development and marketing, LEAF’s team has consistently delivered high-grossing original and licensed IP titles that include, Cheech & Chong Bud Farm, Bud Farm Idle Tycoon, Bud Farm Grass Roots and Bud Farm 420. Our game titles are available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. LEAF leverages successes in platform, IP, marketing, development and data analysis to maximize value for our global network of constituents, from players to talent to shareholders and beyond.

For more information and to keep current on LEAF, visit www.eastsidegamesgroup.com and join our online communities at Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Contact Us

Media Inquiries:  media@eastsidegamesgroup.com, (604) 288-4417

Investor Relations: leaf@kincommunications.com (604) 684-6370

2080 – 1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3R5

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News Release-Leaf-April Results-RBS May 26 2020


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